The chinese restaurant of Kalamata since 1991.

Experience the special flavors of China through a journey of the senses. A magical journey to the culture and philosophy of one of the oldest countries in the world through its dishes. A meeting point; seduction of smell and flavour for the sole purpose of enjoying your palate.

Telephone: 27210 93470 | Mon-Sun: 7:45pm - 1:00am | Akrita 131



Our Cuisine

Representative samples of our high quality and healthy authentic Chinese cuisine use only the finest of all ingredients - always fresh. Many of which have beneficial, soothing properties. Come to taste the dishes in the only Chinese restaurant in town that is for twenty years loved by its customer.


In China everyone knows that cooking does not begin in the kitchen. It begins with a trip to the market, Beihai cuisine is one of the most varied and among the most refined in China, due to the fact that has been influenced by other countries. The attraction of the dishes lies in the fact that, thanks to the skills of the Cantonese cooks, the individual aromas of the ingredients can always be clearly distinguished.

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Telephone No: 27210 93470

Address: Akritas 131

Kalamata Greece

Postal Code: 24100

Email: contact@beihai.gr

Opening Hours Mon-Sun: 7:45pm - 1:00am

Facebook Page: fb.com/beihai.restaurant